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Looking for ‘Suzy Homemaker’–a Real-Life Sequel to ‘Stepford spouses’

Looking for ‘Suzy Homemaker’–a Real-Life Sequel to ‘Stepford spouses’

From time to time, a film occurs that, for reasons uknown, presents a brand new term or expression to the US vernacular to spell it out a label.

There’s Captain Queeg (the tyrannical employer), Mrs. Robinson (the adulterous partner), Dr. Strangelove (the angry scientist).

And there’s the “Stepford Wife,” a synonym for “Suzy Homemaker.”

Well, individuals, pay attention. a version that is modern-day increasing phoenix-like from the chaos of two-career marriages, leading social observers to anticipate that the real-life sequel to “The Stepford Wives” might be on your way. Continue reading

Dating Issues: Show Me the income

Dating Issues: Show Me the income

Exactly just How crucial may be the “money factor” whenever looking for somebody?

A long period after a bitter divorce proceedings, Chrissie ended up being finally willing to have another get at a relationship that is romantic. Fearful of reliving the errors of her painful past, she drew up her must-have set of characteristics she desired in a partner that is new. In the top that is very a non-negotiable item that she underlined, circled, and marked with stars when you look at the margin: Has a ton of money!

Buddies with who she was shared by her criteria acknowledged that cash problems are very important in every relationship—but they questioned whether it should trump anything else. Continue reading