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Home » Art » All About me Activity that is drawing for

Home » Art » All About me Activity that is drawing for

The All About Me book is filled with fun drawing activities for kids that focuses on emotions, self image, drawing facial features, clothing design and hair play that is crazy.

Year Designed to suit children of all ages, this collection of templates can be used for lesson planning at the beginning or end of the school.

The All About Me templates children that are invite engage in various art and craft techniques; keeping the process fun and exciting!

Suggested Art and Craft Materials:

These printable exactly about Me pages could be completed with as little as a pencil that is single with every item of the Arty Crafty Kids craft box; causeing this to be activity pack the most wonderful resource for the classroom and at home!

A few >Pencil / Colouring Pencils
Felt Tipped Pens
Watercolour Paint
Ready-Mix Paint
Chalk / Chalk Pastels
White & Black Card Stock
Coloured and Patterned Paper
Googley Eyes
Buttons, Sequins & Loose Parts
Play Dough

All About Me Book:

The All about me Book’ or used as individual pages about me printable pages can be downloaded from the Arty Crafty Kids Members Area and assembled to create a complete ‘All.

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If you should be printing these pages onto white card stock (recommended if children are employing paint), make every effort to check the printer settings for a suggested card stock weight – most printers like the card to weigh below 160gsm.

How exactly to utilize the exactly about Me Book with various age brackets:

The exactly about Me Book may be adapted for the usage children of all ages, from Preschoolers and Pre-K, to Kindergarten and Early Years Foundation Years, to First Grade and beyond.

Preschoolers and Pre-K:

Our ready-made templates are well suited for very small children (Preschoolers and Pre-K), who will enjoy the tactile connection with using loose parts and play dough to create ‘crazy hair’ and fill in the ‘Complete the Face’ and ‘Complete the Clothes’ pages.

Fine Motor Activity with Loose Parts

Kindergarten and Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS):

By the time children are attending Kindergarten (Early Years Foundation Stage) they are very likely to extend the employment of the All About Me activity pages with drawing self that is simple with a mirror and examining the craft materials to create patterns and styles.

First Grade, Second Grade and Beyond:

Children in First Grade, Second Grade and beyond will start to pay closer attention to symmetry and layer the materials to generate depth and texture.

Mixed Media Self Portraits

Feelings > that is drawing children understand their own emotions.

Are they feeling happy?

How come they sometimes feel sad?

How else do they feel? e.g. when there is certainly a special occasion approaching, or possibly when they stub their toe!

Make use of these drawing prompts to better understand how their-own facial expressions show their feelings on the exterior, and what may trigger these feelings and emotions.

Start with having a chat with your Arty Crafty Kids about feelings (Happy, Sad, Mad etc) and pull a couple of funny faces into the mirror.

Inquire further to exhibit you how they look when they’re happy, sad, thinking and so forth.

That is an extremely fun and way that is engaging children to start recognising their particular facial expressions and exactly how they portray emotion.

The next thing is to have a chance at drawing emotions by filling in each character with a different expression.

Children also have the choice to write the emotion underneath.

Laminate the template for repeated use.

Story Telling

Utilising the theme of ’emotion’, provide the children a scenario i.e. losing a popular toy and finding it again, and have them to function through the emotions they could feel in this situation that is particular. The children can use the template then to relay these number of emotions in picture form.

Self Portrait Drawing for K >Self-portraits are wonderful for creativity and will be made up of many mediums that are different from pencils to paint, break up elements from a magazine (creating a Picasso effect), to yarn and loose parts.

Children can look into a mirror and draw themselves or a friend/sibling opposite.

Some will draw gigantic mouths and teeny tiny eyes. Big teeth that are sharp big lips and noses.

That is a great activity to observe how a young child sees themselves. And also to develop motor that is fine from their vision and mental view of themselves to translating that onto the page.

Using different mediums and art techniques really helps to show that faces and features are presented in all shapes, sizes and colours that are beautiful!

The activity will produce some lighter moments results and it is worth year that is revisiting year, or even in the beginning and end of a school year – kids will like to see their progress over the some time how their perception and magnificence has evolved.

Complete the Clothes Drawing >When it comes to clothing, kids will usually have their own ideas.

This ‘complete the clothes’ prompt has been made to encourage children to engage their inner designer; exploring colours and patterns to portray their style and whatever they want to wear.

Complete the real face drawing Activity for K >This drawing prompt invites children to incorporate features towards the girl and boy templates.

It’s a great way to practice creating faces, working on expressions, symmetry and perfecting people drawing.

All About Me Crazy Hair Play:

Loose parts and play dough are perfectly matched into the Crazy Hair template, and it is advantageous to young kids who require to train their pincer grips and cutting skills.

The template could be coloured and laminated for repeated use.

How exactly to create paper frizzy hair for ‘About Me Crazy Hair Play’:

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Colour within the template and cut it out carefully.

Glue the template to a sheet of black card stock – this is perfect for creating contrast!

Cut some paper within the strips that are even.

Gently roll an item of paper around a pencil.

Slip the paper off the pencil, holding one end tightly.

Once removed, paper must have a nice bounce and curl.

Attach the paper curls around the relative head, creating ‘Crazy Hair’.

OR fill the ‘complete the clothes’ templates with paper to create a collage or painted with watercolours against a resist material.

Just how to download the All About Me templates:

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